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were injured. we need to let you know, on twitter, according to the associated press, the taliban out of pakistan denied involvement with the events from yesterday. >> reporter: good morning, sit a difficult morning here in boston, one of many difficult mornings to come. residents will return to work today, trying to move past an awful tragedy. >> the city of boston is on heightened alert, less than 24 hours after terror erupted. thousands celebrating patriots day, running in the marathon, when a few yards from the anybody line, 2:50 p.m. , the 3;first bomb explodes. >> i don't know what the cause is, stands by. >> reporter: chaos ensued amid the white smoke.
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seconds later, another explosion. at least three people killed, including an 8-year-old boy, more than 140 injured. >> i saw casualties coming back, i saw a guy with his legs gone at the knees, ankles and feet missing, shrapnel, other things. >> reporter: the bombs went off 4 hours after the start of the race, 50-100 yards apart. first responders rushed to the scenes hospitals mobilized. some victims transported by wheelchairs and stretchers, one official said the scene looked like a war zone. p obama was notified within minutes, he promised action. >> i'm supremely confident boss tonians will pull toot and take care of each other and move forward as a proud city. the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell a pc news, bomb
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techs are combing over evidence for clues about the devices. officials searched an payment and tracking multiple persons of interest including a person treated at app yeah hospital as well as an individual who was seen tripe to again access to a restricted area, five minutes before the blast. >> the 8 year old who was one of the three killed in the explosion has been named as martin richard, he was there watching his father run. he arrived at the finish line to welcome his dad when the explosion took place. 450 people came from maryland. sherrie johnson is life at bwi with the local runners returning home, some made it home last night. you say, for other runners, we are an hour and a half away from the rival. >> reporter: all is calm.
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this could be a busy day. we talked with the airlines and the first flights coming from boston, 7:00 a.m., a numb of local runners expected to come home today and in to tomorrow. we caught up with keith wilson, he was following his girlfriend jennifer's progress on line, this was her fourth boston marathon. he had not heard anything about the explosions until she called him. she anybodied a half hour before the blast. she went back to he hotel room near the finish line and is doing okay and flown here to baltimore. >> she was frantic and didn't know what to do. she had more questions than i had of her at the time. scared to think what could happen. >> reporter: he says his girlfriend plans to run in the future. she is not going to let that hold her back. coming up at 6:45, we will talk to the howard county runners.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. playing the role of cheerleader at the finish line when the explosions happened. she was a teacher in towson, now in icu this morning. the one you see on the right. family friends reports by facebook that she is expected to be taken off of a today and foot. her sister is in the hospital with a broken leg and her brother-in-law is being treated for a series of cuts and bruises. attack shows no matter how often you are prepared, every city remains vulnerable. baltimore is on high alert with beefed up patrols. for a lengthy home stretch and security is prepared to responds. >> reporter: orioles will host the rays starting tonight for a 9 game home stretch here at
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camden yards. police will be beefing up security, not only here around the ballpark, throughout the city in the parking lot and light rail. the police commissioner ordered more officers at critical sites around the city including at the ball game, expect to see more security at transportation locations including penn station and light rail, there has been no specific credible threat here in the city , the security awareness level for all of baltimore is elevated. the game against tampa bay will start at 7:05, we want to mention that tampa bay was in boston playing against the red sox yesterday, hours before the explosion happened. lynette look for the helpers, that's what mr. rogers was told when he saw scary things on the news that was reposted millions of times since yesterday's
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events in boston. thousands of people showed kindness, a google document lists names and phone numbers in and phone numbers of people around boston willing to help. a spare couch, a guest bed or a shower or a meal. it started at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, people are still adding to it right now. when the runners cross the finish line, many of them kept going to donate blood to the red cross. many people donated 7 last night, red cross, this tweet saying due to the jeep rossty of the donors, we don't need anymore blood at this time. we are following the story at breaking news situation, that is what it is. stay ahead of it by getting the breaking news by following us on twitter at abc 2 news, also follow me at charlie from abc 2. now, maryland's most
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accurate forecast. >> if you are heading to the game tonights this is the forecast for you, mostly cloudy skies, temperature coming in 68 degrees. the first pitch at 7:05s as the innings progress, there is a possibility for a shower in the forecast, make sure you take the poncho with you. speaking of the showers, not so much this morning, maryland's most powerful radar is dry, we will get a few peaks of sunshine throughout the day as well. temperaturewise, above average coming in 53 degrees, jessup. 52 perry hall. the winds calm in peery hall, picking up throughout the day, david sopville's temperature 53 degrees. this is what to expect through the day, breeze is picking up by lunchtime, 68 degrees. look at the high temperature, 72 degreess that's above average, we are going to have a warm day on tap, don't need the big coat. take the umbrella with you in case. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook.
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trouble on route 295, dealing with a crash that's blocking one northbound lane at powder mill road. 95 clear as you make the push from elk ridge to downtown baltimore, that stretch will take you a normal 12 minutes. checking in and looking at 695, west sides, delay free this morning, inner loop clear up to 83. that outer loop, looking at a 7 minute ride, to get from 795, down to 70. a look at 795, cockies mil, up to speed, taking 10 minutes from westminster pike to the bellway. that's a look at the time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. dancing with the stars show must go on. we will show you how the host and cast payed a tritt to victims from tegs plosions in boston. how competitors performed.
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a church in wisconsin asking those who maybe think before they pray. it says, who is praying for snow, please stop. leaders say someone in the office came up with the idea after more inches fell across pats of central wisconsin. they say he is listening and giving you the snow, now they are saying knock it off. stop praying for snow. let's move on. temperatures, close to 72 degrees. s that not too bad.
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precipitation, we could be seeing a few spotty showers, the unsettled weather will be here all day lop long and all week long. things will change a few peeks of sunshine throughout the day. high pressure, in the atlantic. you have clockwise flow around high pressure, it is going to push in and on shore flow. the winds will be south, east for today. waiting for the cold front. we will stay unsettled and by thursdays it will who back as a warm front. the temperatures will be in the mid-70s as we go in to thursday and also friday. temperatures right now, above average, 53 degrees baltimores 50 map chester. mount airy 52 degrees. 49 ga lee na. 50 goldsboro. this is the most accurate future trend. showers in here, as we go in to
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tomorrow afternoon, for the game tonight, take the poncho, we should stay dry, few sprinkles, especially through the innings. we will have improving conditions, especially by the weekend. look at the high temperature for today. 72 degrees, i like that. i hope you do, too. 76 thursday. 75 thunderstorms possible by friday. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. i'm following a crash on route 295, along the northbound lanes, powder mill road. if you are heading to downtown baltimore, here is a live look at 83, north of 695, everything up to speed. looking at an 11 minute ride from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. as we look at the west side of 695s pikesville, no concerns whatsoever, lits be nice and clear as you make the push to route 40. the time save traffic drive times, notice the east side of the beltway, in great shape this morning. it will take 1 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95,
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up to 83. up to harford, 95, also going to be clear from route 24 down to the beltway. looking at a 10 minute ride. that's a look at you morning commute, charlie, over to you. danesing with the stars, hats are with the bombing victims and families. the cast is thinking about them and they hope the show could provide app entertaining reprieve. kelly swoope was there. >> reporter: i'm kelly swoope if los angeles, week five kicked off with a spectacular nite of dancing. jones did pretty well. did the jive monday night along with pros mac and ana. it was two minutes total. he said it was the longest two minutes of his life. he brought in new orleans
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player, jumped over her head. judges gave him a 26. they admit the competition is narrowing. >> it's getting tight. its getting real tight. you got to step up. easter you are swinging or ducking. >> i agree. it's a long marathon. we are halfway through. this week we went up. it went from last week, first, the last week we were all three 8. now we went up to 9. we are doing good. we are doing really good. >> the judges spoken, nowist up to you, the fans, you have until 11:00 a.m. to vote for your favorite couple. today's elimination night and somebody has to go home. kelly swoope, abc2 news.
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kelly will be in la for the results show and elimination. follow her at swoop from abc 2 news. stay up to date under the hash tag of team baltimore. as is the case, every monday and tuesday, breaking down the night it was alongside lynette charles, she is our local expert. when you get on floor, i find that you forget everything else, it's you, the music and whatever dance you are doing. >> a lot of the nite was about
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ga coby and his feet problem. i saw his kicks and flicks, i thought they were good. pryno said they weren't. did you agree? >> maybe they were sloppy. but not to the point where they were bad. >> i agree with lynn. is he pigeon toed? >> maybe a little bit. >> is that a problem? >> i think sit correctable. lynn is particular in technique of foot work. maybe it won't bother the other judges so much. >> jones is showing off the flair and enthusiasm. he seems to grab the crowd as much if not more than any of the other competitors. >> he has something about him, he is a showman, there is nothing you can do to make that happen to somebody. if you don't have it, you don't have it. i think with playing football,
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there is a lot of celebration you do, you are always in the public eye. you have to know how to handle yourself. >> what about her and does she have improvements to make? >> of course she has improvements to make. even in the show has improvements to may. out of all the dancers, she is in to whenever she is dancing, the move, the character, she plays it well. the tango is amazing. >> does this make you forget she is 16 years old. we heard every week in the reviews, she is so young. >> you see here, she is in character. she doesn't look like a 16-year- old girl to me. >> she doesn't. she is doing things that only women are able to understand, or have lived through to share on the floor. >> the bottom two, again, needs
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to go home. >> it might be that time this week. >> we will see. it was bad. >> thank you for your time. check him out, lynette? back in a few moments.
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good morning dwrowvment to you. i'm charley crowson. we begin with a check of forecast, lynette charles. >> not too bad. temperatures are above average this morning, staying that way in to the afternoon. we are dry this morning, things looking up for today. we are going to see clouds and sun mixing in. the temperatures this morning, 53 degrees, joppa, bel air, 51. timonium, 53. manchester 50. we are going to deal with temperatures, a little bit
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cooler elkton, upper 40s, easton 50. annapolis 55 degrees. baltimore city 57. dry throughout the day. i still have to put the chance at a slight chance for a shower later this afternoon, later this evening. if you are heading to the game tonight, take the poncho with you. we have the potential for showers in the forecast. especially as we go through tinnings. this is how to plan the day. lunchtime, 58 degrees. 72 the high temperature for today. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, traffic is really starting to pick up. we are dealing a crash on 895. problems in rosedale, a crash along the eastbound lanes. problems will persist, towson abs crash on york road, west street, expect delays in the area, near the dealership.
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traveling on 695, live look at the beltway, west of york road, traffic is moving along the inner loop clear, down to 95. looking at normal 11 minute trip, from 95, all the way up to 83. speaking of 83, a look at hunt valley, shawan, everything will remain up to speed, get onto the jfx and heading downtown, it will take 11 minutes from the beltway to fayette street. everything up to speed through the fort mc henry. minutes to travel northbound from the beltway to the toll plaza. that's a look at the morning commute. three people are dead including an 8 year old boy, identified as martin richard. more than 140 injured. last night, investigators searched an apartment in massachusetts. that's a suburb outside of boston, here is a picture of the house. fbi reportedly took 3 bags of evidence from the scene in the overnight hours, now, only saying the bags are in

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